How Do I Create Engagement In My Instagram Stories?

Updated: Mar 11

This is a question I ask myself often... How can I engage with my followers and encourage conversation? Well the answer is pretty simple.

For most, we can easily over complicate social media and find ourselves too overwhelmed to even post. After the little voice in our head tells us that "No one will care" or "No one even watches your stories" we tend to find ourselves in a social media funk. But, the truth is that people DO care and have a lot of interest in what you have to post! When you're a small business and promoting a service or product, a lot of people ask themselves, "I wonder how they make that" or "I wonder what a day in their life looks like".

The best part about Instagram Stories is that it's a mini vlog about your life and the small business you've created. Your followers are following you because you've struck an interest in them and they are willing to support your business and learn more about what you have to offer.

So one way you can create engagement and encourage conversation in your stories is by starting a poll. Think about a fun light-hearted poll that will get your followers excited and wanting to vote! A fun poll would be favorite rom-coms, this or that, the best of 90's, or what your perfect day looks like.

Another way to spice up your stories is by the question box! This is great for letting your followers get in inside scoop about you! You can also use it for recommendations for your business because we can all use a little constructive criticism here and there.

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Never let social media intimidate you but instead let it inspire you!

Written By:

Emma Oliver | Owner of SoFlo Socials

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